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Barbara Oettinger

Born in 1981 in Santiago de Chile, Chile
Lives and works in Santiago de Chile, Chile

In my work as a visual artist I use digital photography, photomontage and video to show the process of formation and articulation of individuals at different levels of socialization (intrapersonal, family and community).

My work reflects, through different visual operations, new physiognomies and relationships systems that directly or indirectly refer to the bonds that organisms (body / individual / institution / society) keep together.

Generally I manipulate images in order to modify and create these new bodies or relational diagrams.

2014 – Exhibición colectiva NODO/ Relaciones de identidad, Festival de las Artes Coquimbo, ARC 2014
2014 – Exhibición individual sala de fotografía emergente del MAC (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo) Quinta Normal, Santiago de Chile (segundo semestre del 2014)
2013 – Materia Prima curada por Núria Miret en Galeria Sicart, Barcelona, España
2012 – Fotografía Chilena Contemporánea “Ficción-Afección”, Centro Cultural, Kavlin, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
2011 – Exhibición individual “Simbiosis” Galería BECH, Santiago de Chile.

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