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Carla Fache

Born in 1977 in Santiago, Chile
Lives and works in Miami, USA

The use of color is one of the most recognizable characteristics of my work. Through its creation and juxtaposition of its shades and layers, I dare strongly to combine them in a clean space, to encourage the breaking of paradigms and elevate the viewer souls.

Through the use of primary elements, which I intuitively align around color, I create shapes, layers, shades and rhythm, which intertwined, creates transversal vibrations to the senses. Transitioning from the particular to the magnificent through the tension of the space and its multiple dimensions of materials and intention drivers.

I tend to fragment the canvas field through shapes and by an accurate disposition of color, allowing the viewer go deeply into different spaces of reflection, within the painting, and without discursive conditioning factors. Geometric and freewill elements are placed in the canvas to echo universal pulsations thus creating an intended tension within its layers, its order, impulse and fight for balance, space and essence.

There is a tendency in my work to synthesize fragments of the reality, the future and the emotions. Structures and colors in the painting are combined to reflect this intention.

The paintings are fully self-contained and a symmetrical impression of balance is present which coexist with the free will of the color vibration.

My work is conceptually driven by raw balance, by what you cannot see but you feel and enhances consciousness. By what is immutable and cannot be apprehended by the intellect, but by the senses. From what makes you vibrate and catalyze your inner self. I strive to embody the implicit, constructed and tacit contemporary, cultural and philosophical conditions through the converge of the brush and palette knife

My work proposes a return to the contemplation and the essential. The result is a universe of color and light to which the onlooker has the chance to enter through its multiple levels of depth, intensity and vocabulary.

2013 – (Upcoming)12 National Prize Cambridge Art Association curated by Toby Kamps-Kathryn Schulz Gallery – Cambridge MA
2013 – Sixth all Media Juried Biennial curated by Gean Moreno and Hunter Braithwaite- Art and Culture Center of Hollywood-Miami-FL
2013  – Abracadabra Sixth Annual Exhibition curated by Jane Hart- Art and Culture Center of Hollywood-Miami-FL
2012 – 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition curated by Dr Ron Yrabedra –Florida Museum for Women Artists -Deland-FL
2012  – The Map Juried Exhibition curated by Roger Ward- The Armony Art Center West Palm Beach-FL
2012 – Parallax AF  curated by Dr Chris Barlow- London UK
2012  – Miami Independent Thinkers Art Basel Satelite fair-Armony Studios-Miami-FL
2012 – Art Exhibition Florida International University – Coral Gables Museum-FL
2011 – Celeste Prize 2011 juried by Eugene Tan and Sara Reisman-Invisible Dog Art Center- NY
2011 – Just North of the South Pole Juried Exhibition- Deering Estate at Cutler-Miami, FL

Museum Exhibitions & Internationals Art Fairs
Art Miami, Art L.A. Art Philadelphia, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, The Bass Museum of Art, Florida Museum for Women Artists, CIFO (Cisneros Fontanals Arts Foundation), Lowe Art Museum,Armony Art Center, MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art and  Coral Gables Museum, among others.

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