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Daniela Arnaudo

Born in 1980 in Sunchales, Argentina
Lives and works in Sauce Viejo (Santa Fe), Argentina

“For several years, my artistic productions turn around several recurring concepts: the recovery (of images, objects, stories, occupations, rites and customs), the re-elaboration and resignification of what I recover, the gesture and the action. From the use of textile techniques and elements, photography and video, I act from poetic and symbolic gestures modifying spaces that oppose the degradation of memory, stopping me on various signs of forgetfulness. Some of my series arise from belongings inherited from my family (my grandfather, funerary, my mom dressmaker and his papers to make embroidery, the work of making buttons of my grandmother). In other series I register and then replicate in drawings and embroidery, elements that belong and express the “other”, whether it is a context, a culture or a person. I specifically address collective manifestations of ritual worship practices pertaining to the Western funerary rite. Wrapped in a state of intimacy, I activate gestures that act as a bridge between a living relative and his dead, choosing anonymous, abandoned tombs to leave textile offerings made exclusively for that unknown being. At the same time, my production in video and video performance, is linked to sequences of movements that are repeated again and again from the restoration of behaviors (R. Schechner). And it is in that passage of time that repetitive actions gradually become resigned, approaching ritual in an attempt to generate different states.”

Solo exhibitions:

2017 – Vestigios. Centro Cultural City Bank. Asunción, Paraguay.
2017 – Umbral. EAC (Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo) Montevideo, Uruguay.
2017 – Umbral. Museo Qorikancha. Cusco, Perú.
2016 – Umbral. Fundación Ramseyer Dayer. Esperanza, Santa Fe. Argentina.
2014 – Ofrenda. Cementerio Municipal de Santa Fe. Santa Fe. Argentina.
2013 – Coronaciones. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. Santa Fe. Argentina.
2013 – Coronaciones. Espacio Cultural MUMU. Córdoba. Argentina.
2013 – Vaivén. Intervención en la Sala Aire y Luz. Centro de Expresiones Contemporáneas. Rosario. Santa Fe. Argentina.
2012 – Erraticidad Deslumbrada. Galería Tres Cuartos Artes. Córdoba. Argentina.
2011 – Dulces Recuerdos. Espacio Viví.Arte. La Redonda. Santa Fe. Argentina.

Group exhibitions (selection):

2016 – de Panteones y Milagros. Colectivo ABD [Arnaudo, Bertolino, Debona] Museo de Arte Contemporáeno. Santa Fe. Argentina.
2015 – Manifestación de una Experiencia. Curadores: Cintia Romero y Maximiliano Peralta. Centro Experimental del Color. Santa Fe. Argentina.
2015 – Festival Internacional de Video Arte NodoCCS. Caracas, Venezuela.
2014 – Open Studio. Museo de la Facultad de Arte y Diseño, UNAM. Oberá, Misiones. Argentina.
2014 – Confluencias. Curador: Rodrigo Alonso. 10 Semana del Arte Rosario. Centro Expresiones Contemporáneas. Rosario, Santa Fe. Argentina.
2014 – ensoñaciones de un quartito. Celeste Venica y Daniela Arnaudo. Museo Rosa Galisteo de Rodriguez. Santa Fe. Argentina.
2013 – ensoñaciones de un quartito. Celeste Venica y Daniela Arnaudo. MACRO Rosario, Santa Fe.Argentina.
2011 – Zodiacología. Curador: Rafael Cipollini. Diario La Capital. Rosario, Santa Fe. Argentina.
2010 – Muestra de la Escuela de Proyectos. Galería Isidro Miranda. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
2010 – Mirada colectiva. Ciclo “Teatro Político” CCRojas y Secretaría de Cultura de  Sta. Fe. Sala Marechal. Sta. Fe.

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