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Erika Ewel

Born in 1970 in Bolivia
Lives and works in La Paz, Bolivia

The most interesting aspect of the work of ms. ewel, visual artist are two characteristics: her paradoxically subtle boldness (let us consider the conservative context in which they operate) and her indeterminacies, her indefinable traits.

-Roberto Valcárcel

2011 – Subasta XNOX BAM. Consultores de Arte S.A. City of Guatemala. Guatemala
2010 – Para Recortar. Galería Kiosko. Santa Cruz. Bolivia.
2009 – Proyecto Mapa América del Sur. Project of Ricardo Benaim. Caracas, Venezuela.
2008 – Ultimo libro. Proyecto de Luis Camnitzer. National Librery. Buenos Aires, Argentina-Zentral Bibliothek de Zurich, Suiza.
2007 – IX Bienal Internacional de Cuenca, Ecuador- ArteBa. Galería Kiosco. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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