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Fábio Tremonte

Born in 1975 in Brazil
Lives and works in Brazil

My work seeks to analyze and and to build dialogues with concepts like displacement and its relation with ways, architecture, and urban landscape (to build or not), social relations and alterity. My work creates reflections about the place that we occupy, under the idea of citizenhood, in order to study the displacement and at the same time the artistc pratice as a necessary form to every day life, beyond resistance, against traditional ways of traveling and occupying the city. My work deals with the notions of “micro” and “macro”, from the Big City to little objects and gestures, all present in this space.

2012 – Técnicas de desaparecimento – Guantánamo/Caimanera – Cuba
2012 – Abre alas 8 – A Gentil Carioca – Rio de Janeiro, RJ
2012 – Não mais impossível [Fábio Tremonte e Lais Myrrha] – Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste – Fortaleza, CE
2011 – Porque sim. – Galeria Millan – São Paulo, SP
2011 – Exposição de Verão – Galeria Silvia Cintra + Box4 – Rio de Janeiro, RJ
2009 – Nada mais – Ateliê 397 – São Paulo, SP
2008 – Gabinete – Museu Murillo La Greca – Recife, SP
2007 – Camuflagem – Projeto fachada – Galeria Vermelho – São Paulo, SP
2006 – Vista para o mar – Programa de Exposições 2006 – Centro Cultural São Paulo – São Paulo, SP
2005 – Paisagem #4 – Temporada de Projetos 2005 – 2006 – Paço das Artes – São Paulo, SP

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