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Fabrizio Arrieta

Born in 1982 in Costa Rica
Lives and works in San José, Costa Rica

My painting is a debtor of the visual contemporary culture, supporter to the re¬-intepretation, re-utilization and post-production of the images. It believes in the historical review of the pictorial western tradition, as an attempt of locating the painting in a moment and certain context.

It rejects the idea of the artist as “genius” and endorses the idea of the artist as translator, as way and mediator. It sees the different artistic manifestations as coexistent and is allowed to obtain feedback of these, his sources, his diverse meanings and origins.

The result departs from the beginning of the appropriation, offer arisen at the end of the seventies, which intention was to put in scene before that the representation itself, the processes across which this one obtains his social codification.

“To cut and to stick ” material from diverse sources related to the mode but where there are revealed opulent aspirations of transformation, manipulation and presentation of ” the beautiful thing ” gives a new reading to the images already manipulated, directed towards the painting itself and his two big historical slopes: the figurative art and the abstraction, being the act of painting a permeable event and multidirectional reflection of the incessant media and artistic activity of our age.

Solo Exhibitions
2010 – El placer de lo inesperado – Galería DiabloRosso. Ciudad de Panamá. Panamá.
2009 – Volvo – Galería Alternativa. San José. Costa Rica.
2008 – 1+ – Galería DiabloRosso. Ciudad de Panamá. Panamá.
2007 – Sabotaje – Centro Nacional de la Cultura. CENAC. San José, Costa Rica

Group Exhibitions (selection)
2011 – The Pleasure’s All Mine – Galería Lu Magnuns. Nueva York, Estados Unidos.
2011 – Arcos Dorados – Pintura latinoamericana. ArteBA XX Edición. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2011 – A friend of a devil is a friend of mine – Galería DiabloRosso, Panamá.
2010 – Introducciones 2010 – Fundación TEOR/éTica. Costa Rica
2010 – Artist from the planet – Galería Ara, Escaldes-Engordany, Principado de Andorra.
2009 – La Forma Equivalente – Exposición itinerante por Centroámerica. Espira/La Espora
2006 – 2da Muestra centroamericana de Arte EmergenteMuseo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo.
San José, Costa Rica.
2005 – BIENARTE 2005Museo de Arte y Diseño. Contemporáneo. San José, Costa Rica.

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