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Fredman Barahona

Nacio en 1989 en Nicaragua
Vive y trabaja en Managua

Performance artist through his pseudonym Elyla Sinvergüenza, Fredman Barahona reflects through his work on the processes of identity construction, transgender and the relationship with politics itself. Self-taught, he theorizes and produces thought with his interventions. In his work, he commutes social anthropology, theater and contemporary art, mainly addressing identity, sexuality, politics and cultural boundaries. He points to the recognition of cultural hybridity and the de-colonization of thought. Situational performance is fundamental in his practice.

“Trans-Horror” (2013) has been presented at Queeristan Festival for Radical Queer Politics in Amsterdam and also selected as the best experimental video for the Icarus Nicaragua Festival. His blog has been awarded as best blog for democracy category opinion at the national level.

He has exhibited in different occasions in collective through projects directed by Espira. He has been invited by the New York Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics.

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