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Gilberto Esparza

Born in 1975 in Aguascalientes, Mexico.
Lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.

His work involves the use of electronic media and robotics in order to question the impact of technology embedded in everyday life. His work is an inquiry upon the effects of technology on social relations and economic phenomena as well as their impact on the environment and the urban structure.

His recent work is linked to an ongoing research process into alternative types of energy. His practice employs the recycling of consumer technology and a path that treads between the analog and digital.

Individual exhibitions
2010 – Plantas Nómadas – Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. Gijon, Spain

Collective exhibitions

2015 – DISPOSITIF / NATURE = SCULPTURE ? – Galerie La Ville A des Arts, Paris, France
2011 – Creatividad y Tecnología  para  la trans-formación – ProyectoPlantas Nómadas MACC , Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.
2011 – Parásitos Urbanos – Intermediae. Matadero Madrid, Spain.
2011 – Nomadic plant – MEDIA ART CHINA 2011. Translife. International Triennial of new media art.
2010 – ARTBOT. Moscas – Del proyecto Parásitos urbanos. Bogota, Colombia.
2009 – Parásitos Urbanos – Bienal do Mercosur, Muestra Texto Público y muestra Exhausto,  Porto Alegre, Brasil.
2009 – Distortions: contemporary Media Art From Mexico – The Holman Hall College Art Gallery, New Jersey, USA.
2009 – Petit Mal –Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo MUAC,  Mexico City, Mexico.
2009 – Transitio_Mx  Autonomías del Desacuerdo – Festival Internacional de Artes Electrónicas y Video. Mexico.
2008 – ID-ENTITY – Instituto Cultural Mexicano. Washington, D.C, USA.
2008 -Urban Play – Experimenta Design. Curated by Scott Burham. Ámsterdam. Holland.

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