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Hernain Bravo

Born in 1977 in Mexico.
Lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.

“Bravo´s work derives from small events documented on photographs or video. These events generate situations aiming to disturb the viewer’s perception and to activate the space where they are carried out…

Started his career knitting a framework in the other side of the art circuit (and he stayed there for years) the streets. With a provocative moral vision, Bravo Works from the actions that have helped him building a net where he can move, as a skilled acrobat, in the deep ends of the cities where he lives, and the marginalized characters that generate the invisible, deep, underground life, the pile of invisible layers that make up social stratums and the economical-political-social morphology of the big cities.

He made reference in his work on vagrants, prostitutes and the mainly public space.”

Lorena Peña & Ruben Mendez

2010 – Without a roof the house is bald! – International Cervantino Festival, Guanajuato, Mexico
2009 – Prague Biennale 4 – “Expanded Painting ”, Česká Republika
2008 – The North of South – Baró-Cruz Gallery. Sao Paulo, Brazil
2008 – Latinolatino – Arte Contemporanea Latino Americana nell’ Italia del Sud, Lecce Italia
2007 – Biennale Emergency in Chechnya – world tour/stop 9: 10th Istanbul Biennial
2007 – Zone 9: International Festival of Video art – Santiago de Chile
2007 – Separation Perfected – National Center for Contemporary Arts of Moscow NCCA. Russia
2007 – Suitcase Illuminated 5 – P74Center&Gallery Ljubljana Slovenia. Mac/Val. Paris France
2006 – EJECT , 1ST International festival of video performance, ex-Teresa,  Mexico City
2006 – Plataforma, Regeneration, Platforms and Utopian Spaces. Puebla, Mexico

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