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Javier Calvo

Born in 1981 in Costa Rica
Lives and works in Cartago, Costa Rica

My job is related to the concept of territory, this seen from a political sense, the distribution of territory and the social and cultural implications that these imply, that is how the world as ordered and the special place, this idea has extended the “area” physical, art and consciousness of the individual. In all production remains a common denominator between the parties intention to recognize that when you divide a territory, is one side and the other is that we and others, this intention is expressed through issues of power, identity and the art itself as a phenomenon in which converge all of these ideas. This I have approached from different media ranging from printmaking, drawing, sculpture, painting, performance, among others.

This variety of media is for the reason that no part of a technique but a concept, content that will later consider the way most suitable to present the idea
I covered my work through a series of work, which remains as the backbone of politics understood in the broad sense of the word, that makes me question myself about my identity, and thus, all aspects of coverage, from life daily, such as family, even my sociocultural including the same system that is part art.

My work is linked with the political space to the area and identities, so that the residence would be a place to compare my own reality, I think you can not see clearly their context, their daily when it is reversed so type. Learn about other ways to do and think will help my intellect, my creative process to me and that as a premise to work.

2011 – Arteamericas – Miami Beach Convention Center, E.E.U.U
2010 – IV anual de grafica contemporánea, figura y texto, Galería Nacional, San José.
2010 – XXXL Bienal de Pontevedra “Utrópicos”, Museo de Pontevedra, España.
2010 – XXI Premio de gravado Máximo Ramos, Centro Torrente Ballester, España
2010 – Exit – Espira/La Espora, exposición itinerante por Centroamérica Centro Cultural Mexicano, San José Costa Rica.
2009 – Primera bienal de artes visuales: Conjunciones, Museo de Arte Costarricense, San José, Costa Rica.
2006 – Una Más de mujeres o unas Mujeres de más. ¿El límite del género? – Centro Cultural de España, San José, Costa Rica.
2006 – 2da muestra centroamericana de Arte Emergente, Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo, San José, Costa Rica.
2006 – Curator’s Choise (la elección del curador): Hallazgos 2004-2006, Rolando Castellón, TEOR/ÉTICA, San José, Costa Rica.
2006 – Grabados – Galería del vestíbulo del teatro 1887. Centro Nacional de la Cultura, San José, Costa Rica

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