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Jorge R. Nunez

Born in 1980 in Pucallpa, Perú
Lives and works in Martigny, Switzerland

My status as a ” foreigner” leads me to question concepts such as identity and territoriality, but my thought it feeds of common mainstream assumptions. Therefore I have developed my own identity as an immigrant focused on my genuine life-experiences. When I tempt to provoke my audience I point out the various aspects of personal failure, the pathetic nuances within, and using the ridicule and a corrosive humor to guide the audience into finding a reference within their personal memories that would link or connect them with my work. When I start working on a project, not always I get to know exactly where I am going to, or what I’m going to end up with. I follow my intuition my consciousness and the lead of the particular word or sound that will give me enough confidence to start the project with. I start to canvassing my work based on essays, visual records, photocopies, headlines, and comments that have been intentionally manipulated. When I start a project my initial idea can change during the development, I process, I shape and build my work looking for a result or final word, that can be also modified by the context where I am living.

Solo Exhibitions
2013 – Pourquoi faire les choses? – Les Wagons. Sierre, Switzerland
2011 – Canto Rodado – Galería del Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes. Cali, Colombia

Group Exhibitions
2013 – Tres tristes tigres, IX Plástika Rayada – El Parche Artist Residency. Bogotá, Colombia
2012 – Desde el Malestar – Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia, Lugar a dudas, CASAMATA. Cali, Colombia
2012 – Califoto exposición de Fotografías – TROPICALIWOOD. Cali, Colombia
2011 – Proyecto CALIDOSCOPIA – Lugar a dudas en Medellin MDE11, El Parqueadero, 8 Bienal de Mercosul en Porto Alegre. Colombia y Brasil
2010 – En Cuatro – Museo de Arte Moderno la Tertulia. Cali, Colombia
2010 – Cuerpo Sonoro, VI Plástika Rayada – CASAMATA. Cali, Colombia
2010 – Coitus Interruptus – Espacio Independiente. Bogotá, Colombia
2004 – Ceiba penthandra – Sala de exposición del Banco BBVA, Pucallpa, Perú

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