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kollektiv migrantas

Founded in 2004 in Berlin, Germany by Marula Di Como (artist) and Florencia Young (graphic designer). They live and work in Berlin, Germany

migrantas | a visual language of migration
Their work incorporates tools from the visual arts, graphic design and social sciences. The collective focuses on themes such as migration, identity and intercultural communication and designs pictograms together with migrants which are then placed in public spaces in order to give voice to migrants living in Germany. One of migrantas’ major goals is to make the pictograms visible in public urban spaces. They appear as posters where there is normally advertising, as projected digital animations on public screens, as flyers or postcards or shopping bags. Migrant womens’ perspectives and lived realities are taken out of the individual private space and made visible in the public space, thus creating an encounter which triggers reactions and self-reflection in the passerby.

Urban actions
2011 – Europa-Kind + Europa-Schule – A visual language of diversity – Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Berlin
2010 – Hier und Dort Heimat – Neue Heimat – Zwischen den Welten – Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen, Germany
2010 – Sevilla Plural – Images of migration in urban space – Seville, Spain
2009 – Postkarten-Sommer-Aktion – Exhibition held in the Alte Post in Neukölln – Berlin, Germany
2008 – Bundesmigrantinnen- Images of migration in urban space – Cologne, Germany
2007 – Bundesmigrantinnen – Images of migration in urban space – Hamburg, Germany
2006 – Interkulturelle Werkstatt – Supporting networks of migrant women and female artists living in Berlin
2006 – Bilder bewegen I – Setting interculturality and migration in motion – Berlin
2005 – Integration – Pictures of migrant women in Berlin
2004 – Proyecto Ausländer – Berlín – Buenos Aires 2003/2004

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