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Pablo López Luz

Born in 1979 in Mexico City, Mexico.
Lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.

The main concern behind my work is the reinterpretation of the artistic apporach to the concept  of the ¨landscape¨. For the last five years, I´ve been working photographing the urban landscape of Mexico City and other major cities in Mexico, as well as different nature scenarios around the country, approaching these places through an aesthetic deeply rooted in the historical tradition of painting, as well as the history of photography.

My specific intention is to re-interpret the classical notion of the mexican landscape (present throughout the pictorical history of mexican art), through a contemporary point of view, brought about by the presence of man and his relationship to his surroundings.

This specific relationship between man and space is what brings most of my photographic work together, and is also probably the strongest viewpoint in both aesthetic and conceptual terms.

Solo Exhibitions
2011 – Al Final Está el Horizonte – Museum of the Photographic Archive. MAR, Mexico DF, Mexico
2011 – ROMA. Museum of Contermporary Art in Rome (MACRO Testaccio).  Rome Italy
2008 – Terrazo – Eloísa Jiménez Gallery. Culture House. Guanajuato. México
2007 – Terrazo:views of Mexico City. Sasha Wolf Gallery. New York, NY. E.U.
2006 – Terrazo – Casa del Lago de Chapultepec Museum. México City

Group Exhibitions
2011 – Laberinto de Miradas ¨Fricciones y Conflictos en Iberoamérica¨. Tabacalera Museum, Madrid, Spain
2010 – Lo Crudo Cocido –  IILA Gallery. FotoGrafia Festival Internaziionale di Roma. Rome, Italy
2010 – Programa Arte Acual Bancomer/MACG Carrillo Gil Museum (contemporary art). Mexico D.F.
2009 – Photoquai – Musée Quai de Branly. Paris, France
2009 – Paradise City (contemporary Mexican Photography) – Queretaro´s City Museum, Queretaro, Mexico
2009 – Human Nature – Houston Center for Photography. U.S.A.
2008 – I Moscow International Biennale for Young Art. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Russia
2008 – De Viaje – Cervantes Institute of Madrid. PhotoEspaña Festival, Madrid, Spain
2007 – The Gaze of 45 Mexican Photographers – Guandong Museum of Art, China
2007 – Limiares Urbanos – Foto Rio 2007. Centro Cultural Correios, Río de Janeiro, Brasil
2005 – El Paisaje Artificial – Casa del Lago Museum. Mexico City, Mexico

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