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Patricio Vogel

Born in 1971 in Chile
Lives and works in Santiago, Chile

The consequence of the activities that motivates the space, from his material part and its representation, and to live of this one, are the lines that you articulate the creation and production of my work. Achieving with it a production that it transforms it in to a crisis, so much of the space to intervening to other habitats, that are of reference.

For it the configuration of my work takes charge of problematic issue, constituting and determining certain looks, which place the reality and the experience of us human beings. Approaching and exploring the visual possibilities, the poetics and the policies of the space. Toughening and tightened their positions and types of form of living together.All that, to provoke a spatial reflection that represents in one or other forms of the diverse possibilities of living together and survival in this contemporary experience It is important to mention that the interest by the space goes together with the reflections and strategies that approach the importance of the memory, the file and the collection in the occidental imaginary contemporary. That is how i meditate, register, classify, arrange, design, produce and
install my production.

2012 – The Phantom Limb/ Το Μέλος Φάντασμα / El Miembro Fantasma – OpenShowstudio, Athens, Greece
2012 – Alzheimer – Centro Cultura ex Cárcel , Valparaíso, Chile.
2011 – Informe País – GAM, Santiago de Chile ( Noviembre)
2010 – Chilensis – Centro Cultura Palacio La Moneda, Santiago de Chile
2009 – Vano Afán de Sobrevivencia – Galería Florencia Loewenthal, Santiago de Chile
2008 – Terrain vague – Espacio Garage, Valparaíso, Chile.
2007 – El espacio de lo posiblegalería AFA, Santiago de Chile.
2005 – Sale – performance ArtBasel Miami, Miami, Estados Unidos
2005 – Patricia, la fascinación por el decoro epidérmico – performance, Intervención en casa habitada. Santiago, Chile
2005 – Fulbelt, Variaciones de la Contemplación – exposición individual en Galería de Arte Moderno de Talca, Chile. (septiembre)
2005 – Fulbelt, archivo plataformaGalería Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile.

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