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Rafael Perez

Born in 1988 in Maldonado, Uruguay
Lives and works in Machester, England

The sculptural works of Rafael Perez possess a rarefied and surreal dimension. There is a sort of peace at the heart of his artworks that gives them a certain fractured ineffability, a kind of desolate success to the finished product.

For Perez sentiments are only fully expressed through the human form, in the sense that few things speak to us as much as the body does; it is a matter of who we are, what we are and how we read and interpret ourselves.
In more recent work Perez has been focusing on the sense of movement that comes with inhabiting a body. It is one of those things that will forever remain constant. We move and the world moves around us, it cannot be stopped. On the other hand, a feeling will not last forever and an emotion is nothing but temporary. It is this seeming contradiction at the heart of being a living body that Perez is currently attempting to explore, the incommensurability between the constant and transitory, the corporeal and the emotional.
In his own words Perez’ latest piece attempts to portray ‘…those moments we wished lasted. It is about slowing time and making those feelings endless; it is about making a connection within oneself and becoming infinite.’


2013 – Experience Needed – 4 Piccadilly Place, Manchester
2013 – The Seven Kings –  Costa de Alcanada,  Islas Baleares, Spain
2013 – Media City –  Salford Quays Salford
2013 – Open Studio Exhibition Allerton Studios, Greater Manchester
2013 – Metanoia, The Espy Experience –  4 Piccadilly Place, Manchester
2013 – Bubble Collection –  The Eighth Day Co-op Ltd, 111 Fallowfield
2012 – Ur performance; White –  Islington Mill, James Street, Salford
2012 – Free for All –  Free For Arts Festival, 4 Piccadilly Place, Manchester
2012 – Unweaving Reality –  Fred Aldous, 37 Lever Street, Northern Quarter
2012 – Ur performance; Moon –  Islington Mill, James Street, Salford
2012 – Salford New Blood –  The Triangle Exchange Corner, Manchester
2012 – We Fought the Law –  Allerton Studios, Salford

2014 – Metanoia II –  Trinity Church, Greater Manchester
2014 – Touch –  The Eighth Day Co-op Ltd, 111 Fallowfield

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