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Rosario López

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, 1970
Lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia.

As a creative researcher I am focused on capturing, through photography, geological forms moulded by the unseen forces of water, wind and temperature. In my career I have done several fieldwork projects, which have led to the translation of my experiences into tangible sensations. After my trips I build new structures based on these formations and the photographs of the sites, recreating my experience of the natural environment within the gallery. As a female artist based in a country with an on going political conflict, my approach is to explore the landscape by moving to other locations, seeking safety and sustainable environments. I have been influenced by Minimalism and Land Art and my work diverges from these traditions. I merge the political and the transcendental to position the work in the gallery space. I propose a continuum between nature and the white cube, landscape and its representation.

2016  Unfolding Memories. Anca Gallery, Canberra,Australia.
2015  Unfolding Memories. Bogota District Archives.
–         Acueductos. La Oficina del Doctor, Galería Casas Riegner. Bogotá.
2014  Acueductos La Tertulia, Modern Art Museum. Cali, Colombia
2013  Acueductos. Modern Art Museum – Barranquilla. Barranquilla, Colombia.
2012  The Anatomy of Landscape. Casas Riegner Gallery. Bogota.
2010  Formelessness and the Idea of Boundary. Casas Riegner Gallery. Bogota.
2009  359°. KBK Gallery. Contemporary Art. Mexico DF.
2008  White Fence. Interdisciplinary Laboratory for the Arts – LIA. Bogota.
2008  Insufflare. Nara Roesler Gallery. Sao Paulo.
2007  Insufflare. Atelie Da Imagen. Rio de Janeiro.
2006  Untittled/Guest Piece. Art Museum, Banco de la República. Bogota.
2005  Abyss. Casas Riegner Gallery. Bogota.
2003  Air Traps. Diners Gallery. Bogota.
2002  Simón Bolivar Square. Quinta de Bolívar Museum. Bogota.
1998  Resurrection Series.  Espacio Vacío Gallery. Bogota.
1995  Rosario López. Art Museum, Universidad de Antioquia. Medellin, Colombia.

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