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Sol Mateo

Born in 1956 in Bolivia
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany


“Photography allows me to break ethics’ territories in favor of aesthetics”, has said Sol Mateo to Arte Al Límite. The artist creates scenes with a theatrical touch looking for the emotional and aesthetic side of everyday situation where sorrow, barbarity, dispossession and pleasure take precedence. Then, he photographs them and the results are scenes with uncertain timings that embody human kind’s perversity across history.

2010 – 07. Salon De Berlin
2009 – Bienal Fotografica Bogota, Colombia
2006 – Fotoamerica, Santiago De Chile
2006 – Arte Ba, Bs.Aires, Argentina
2009-2003 Estampa, Madrid
1998 – Arco, Madrid
1997 – Bienal De La Habana, Cuba
1997 – Bienal De Venecia, Italia
1997-2005  Bienal Mercosur, Brasil
1996 – Bienal De Cuenca, Ecuador
1994 – Bienale Sao Paulo, Brasil


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