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Stephane Ducret

Born in 1970 in Lausanne, Switzerland
Lives and works in Buenos Aires Argentina

For almost fifteen years, Stéphane Ducret has interrogated the key issues of contemporary human psychology: hedonism, meditation, superficiality, sensuality, vanity… his art especially belongs to the Neo-Rococo that emerged in the late 1980s in a rejection of the then dominant Expressionism, Minimalism and Conceptualism.

Humor, celebration of the senses, surprise, and the quest of beauty stand at the center of his work, which offers a new synthesis of design, decorative art, painting and installation.

In his most recent work, Doodles (from 2011), his oil and sprayed paintings call up a psychic territory of the brain and the absently scribbled marks when coupled with familiar tasks, being nervous or bored. Today, Ducret’s paintings and drawings are witnesses of an introspective process, consciously evoking the feeling that continuously pushes him to the one of a child.

Through process, technique, scale, composition, and imagery, Ducret’s work accentuates the tensions and contradictions between the act of painting, the construction of a picture, its physical attributes, the visual experience of looking at it, and the possibilities of playing with and pushing open the origins of its meanings.

2012 – Doodles – kunsthalle Detroit, Detroit
2012 – Gribouillis – GAS | GenevArtSpace, Genève
2010 – Point de vue – Galerie Cheminée Nord, Genève
2010 – Sweet People – Compact Space, Los Angeles
2010 – Impresiones profundas y duraderas – curated by Leila Bustamante, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires
2009 – Diamonds are Forever – Galería del Paseo, Manatiales/Punta del Este
2008 – Diamonds are Forever – Espace R, Genève
2007 – Masterpiece Redux – Galerie Synopsism, Lausanne
2006 – Flamingos – FAC, Forum d’Art

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