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Suwon Lee

Born in 1977 in Caracas, Venezuela
Lives and works in Caracas, Venezuela

My work examines the role of the artist as an interpreter of the world based on organizing principles and a systematic approach to image making. Whereas my earlier work was a way to depict deeply sentimental situations through autobiographical and intimate themes in the form of emotional landscapes and self-portraits that dealt with identity issues, in my most recent photographic series I am focusing on images of the outside world, specifically of Latin American urban and sub-urban situations seen from a distance, at a precise and ambiguous time: at dusk just before nightfall.

In this new series, the main theme is the relationship of man with nature, and the effect his presence has within his surroundings. Sometimes this presence has an overpowering effect, consuming everything in the form of cities with a sheer physical force, but other times, we are reminded of the insignificance of human presence, and man’s weakness in the face of nature.

The absence of anecdote and narration creates a neutral pictorial space that encourages a sense of individual connection with the landscape and architecture, even though the viewer may have never visited any of the locations. My emphasis now is on the sublime nature of the landscape itself and its natural ability to stir emotions and evoke feelings of awe.

Solo exhibitions
2011 – Crepuscular (Dusk) – Oficina #1, Caracas, Venezuela
2011 – Artificial Paradise – El Anexo gallery, Caracas, Venezuela
2010 – Koreans in Venezuela – Central University of Venezuela. Caracas.
2009 – Overnight – Oficina #1. Caracas, Venezuela.
2008 – Bling! Bling! – Periférico Caracas. Caracas, Venezuela.

Group exhibitions
2011 – Continentes – 8va Bienal de Mercosur. Atelier Subterránea, Porto Alegre,  Brasil.
2011 – Once Tipos – Sala Mendoza, Caracas, Venezuela.
2011 – Postales Sonoras (Taller Curatorial Experimental) – Periférico Caracas, Venezuela.
2010 – Reflexiones digitales / Miradas a Europa – Centro Cultural Chacao. Caracas, Venezuela.
2010 – smART Miami – Miami Dade College. Miami, USA.
2010 – I Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo – ULA 2010. Mérida, Venezuela.
2010 – Pedazos de País – Oficina #1. Caracas.

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