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Tania Ximena Ruiz

Born in 1985 in Mexico
Lives and xorks in Mexico City, Mexico

In my artwork, i pretend to unify nonlinear internal narratives that represent the inexpressible, what emerges as the awareness of windstorm conscious beings related with their environment, with their death, their spirit.

2011 – Biennal of Actual Arts of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island, France
2010 – DRAW – Mexico City Museum. Mexico City. Mexico
2009 – DIORAMA – University Museum of Sciences and Arts MUCA ROMA. Mexico City. México
2008 – XIVPanting Biennal Rufino Tamayo. Museum of Contemporary Art. Mexico City. México
2008 – Holzwege. Lithof der Akademie. Akademie der Bildenden Kunste Karlsruhe. Germany
2011 – Bienal de Arte Actual del océano índico, Isla de la Reunión, Francia
2010 – DRAW– Museo de la Ciudad de México. México
200 – DIAORAMA– Museo Universitario de Ciencias y Artes MUCA ROMA. Ciudad de México. México
2008 – XIV Bienal de Pintura Rufino Tamayo. Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Rufino Tamayo. Ciudad de México. México
2008 – Holzwege. Lithof die Akademie. Akademie der Bildenden Kunste Karlsruhe. Alemania

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