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Founded in 2005 in Bogotá, Colombia
Director: María Paz Gaviria Múñoz

artBO, International Art Fair of Bogota, is the meeting point par excellence for the art market in Latin America.

Each year, artBO summons national and international galleries, carefully selected to achieve a show of the highest quality, where both a specialized audience and the general public can enjoy and buy artworks.

Along with the commercial aspect of the fair, artBO offers a varied cultural and academic program which seeks to facilitate access to and create new audiences for art.

In its four days, the fair brings together curators, artists, collectors, art aficionados and the general public, gathered around a commercial networking and cultural exchange platform. This makes artBO a platform for the promotion of art, creativity, networking and art appreciation both in the national and international market.

For nine editions artBO has been a space for promoting and internationalizing the work of Colombian galleries, artists, curators and institutions, and a catalyst for the dynamism and strength that the national art scene has gained, which has positioned Colombia as one of the most attractive and interesting countries for the global art market.

Next Edition

ArtBo 2015 – 01.10-04.10/2015

Last Editions

ArtBo 2014 – 24.10-27.10/2014
ArtBo 2013 – 25.10-28.10 / 2013
ArtBo 2012 – 18.10-22.10 / 2012
ArtBo 2011 – 21.10-24.10 / 2011
ArtBo 2010 – 21.10-25.10 / 2010
ArtBo 2009 – 22.10-26.10 / 2009
ArtBo 2008 – 15.10-20.10 / 2008
ArtBo 2007 – 18.10-22.10 / 2007
ArtBo 2006 – 23.11-27.10 / 2006

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