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big sur galería

Founded in 2014 in Buenos Aires
Directed by Alvaro Cifuentes and Célina Eceiza

Big Sur is a Latin American Contemporary Art Gallery created by artists which are also generating their own work (audiovisual, photography, painting, writing). It is an entity in which different practices and artistic explorations are connected.

Big Sur is an online magazine that contains an archive of contemporary art, mostly from Latin American artists, serving as a reference, consultation and exhibition of works through its website:

At Big Sur we have avaible works of
Ad Minoliti, Andrés Kusmanich, Angeles Ascua, Celina Eceiza, Cotelito, Daniel Alva, Johanna Bock, Josefina Labourt, Liv Schulman, Luciana Quartaruolo, Lucrecia Lionti, Mario Scorzelli, Martín Lanezán, Matías Ercole, Octavio Garabello, Sol Pipkin

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