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Founded in Guadalajara México, 2013
Directed by Francisco Borrego Vergara

CURRO & PONCHO was conceived as a dialogical space that beyond its commercial purposes became a platform for Mexican and non Mexican artists whose discourse constantly transcends the physical space of the gallery as well as its artists’ nationality. Over the course of almost seven years CURRO & PONCHO has effectively become an obligated reference for the Guadalajara art scene which in turn has shifted attention away from the nation’s’capital.

CURRO & PONCHO leverages its peripheral location as an alternative to the capital’s ideological canon, allowing it to work with artists who mostly prefer to take unconventional routes in their lines of research. The generation of new questionings through a multidisciplinary and innovative artistic language becomes the backbone of this project. Through a persistent year round calendar of in-house shows as well as art fairs around the world, the gallery project has organically grown with its represented artists to create a series of critically praised shows.

Armando Almanza Pereda – Cristian Silva – Fernando Palomar – Francisco UgarteGabriel Rico – Javier M. Rodriguez – Juan Capistran – Luis Alfonso Villalobos – Octavio Abundez – Thomas Jeppe

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