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Founded in 2006 in Panama City, Panama.
Director: Johann Wolfschoon

Diablo Rosso is a creative space and collective composed by artists from several disciplines – dance, visual arts, curatorship, music, architecture and design – located in the Old Quarter of Panama City. Founded in 2006 as a small design shop, in five years it has become in one of the most innovative spaces for emerging artists from all over the Central American region. Diablo Rosso’s mission is to empower and stimulate young minds to break molds, to promote independent thought, and to encourage the public to submerge into contemporary art and culture.

Diablo Rosso has a particular interest in working outside traditional art presentation and promotion models, something that becomes apparent from its structure. The art gallery presents monthly shows, its restaurant Pony Rosso is a creative space for conferences and gatherings, and the boutique is filled with objects from young local and international independent designers.

Represented artists
Fabrizio Arrieta, Jonathan Harker, José Castrellón, María Raquel Cochez.

07.12.2011 – La Quema del Diablo – Collective Exhibition – Proyectos Ultravioleta, Guatemala City, Guatemala
27.10.2011 – Los Invisibles – Collective Exhibition -Mercosur Biennial, Porto Alegre, Brazil
29.09.2011 – Home is Where the Heart is ! – María Raquel Cochez – DiabloRosso, Panama, Panama
14.07.2011 – Compulsión a la Repetición /Jonathan Harker – DiabloRosso, Panama, Panama
24.06.2011 – The Pleasure is All Mine – Collective Exhibition – Lu Magnus, New York, USA
26.05.2011 – A Friend of the Devil is a Friend of Mine – Collective Exhibition – DiabloRosso, Panama, Panama
24.02.2011 – Priti Baiks – Jose Manuel Castrellon – DiabloRosso, Panama, Panama
18.11.2011 – El Placer de lo Inesperado – Fabrizio Arrieta – DiabloRosso, Panama, Panama
26.05.2011 – Dirt: Neoconceptualismotropical – Collective Exhibition – DiabloRosso – Panama, Panama
23.01.2010 – CircaLabs: DR – Collective Exhibition – Circa, International ArtFair / San Juan, Puerto Rico

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