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Die Ecke / Arte Contemporáneo

Founded in Santiago de Chile in 2003
Director: PAUL BIRKE

Since its founding in Santiago de Chile in 2003, Die Ecke Arte Contemporáneo has formed a distinct idea of how a Latin American gallery should operate, linking a commercial aim to an ideological vision. Founder and director Paul Birke states that he aspires to support artistic production in Chile and preserve the country’s cultural heritage by encouraging private and institutional collectorship. Although Die Ecke focuses on marketing and supporting its artists, providing a platform for collaboration and discourse is also one of the main goals of the gallery. In March 2005 the space was officially inaugurated with the group show ‘Die Ecke March 2005’.

The gallery, located in the blossoming, artsy neighborhood of Barrio Italia, has become an important venue for the post-dictatorship generation of artists who have distinguished themselves in the more globalized environment by developing new artistic practices through international exchange.

Die Ecke’s critical acclaim inspired the opening of a satellite space in Barcelona, Spain in 2010. The gallery presents regular exhibitions of contemporary Chilean artists to the European audience in the neighborhood of Gracia.

Catalina BAUER – Francisca BENÍTEZ – Julen BIRK – José Luis FALCONI – Patricio GIL FLOOD – Cristóbal LEHYT – Marcela MORAGA – Felipe MUJICA – Mario NAVARRO – Leonardo PORTUS – Alejandra PRIETO – Enrique RAMÍREZ – Tomás RIVAS – Nicolás RUPCICH – Paulina SILVA HAUYON – Johanna UNZUETA

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