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Founded in 2016 in Caracas, Venezuela
Directed by Melina Fernández Temes and Luis Romero

Before Oficina #1, ABRA is a gallery dedicated to contemporary art, founded in January 2016 by Melina Fernández Temes and Luis Romero. Located at Centro de Arte Los Galpones, a cultural complex in Caracas/Venezuela. The gallery has two exhibition halls.

Since its beginnings, ABRA understands itself as a multidisciplinary and open space, where the curious audience can get together and dialogue during frequent meetings, dedicated to multiple creative expressions. It works as a gallery, a project space, a workshop for visiting artists, a space for talks and courses, as well as screenings and concerts.

In ABRA’s spaces eight solo and six group shows have taken place until now, as well as more than twenty open encounters -talks, guided tours, poetry readings, contemporary dance presentations and performances-, six educational workshops, and seven concerts within the musical series ‘Escapismo’.


– Del 14/02 al 06/03 de 2016 – Exposición Colectiva Esqueje – Artistas: Roberto Obregón, Adrián Pujol, Lamis Feldman, Rodolfo Izaguirre, Steve McQueen, Héctor Fuenmayor, Valerie Brathwaite, Consuelo Méndez, Ricardo Jiménez, Julio Irribarren, Magdalena Fernández, María Teresa González, Víctor González, Luis Romero, Maruja Herrera, Fran Beaufrand, Umberto Pepe, Lucia Pizzani, Daniel Reynolds, Christian Vinck, Salvatore Elefante, Iván Candeo, Rodrigo Arteaga, Carolina Muñoz, Leonardo Nieves, José Miguel del Pozo, Max Provenzano, Valentina Mora, Eddymir Briceño y Yonel Hernández.

– Del 20/03 al 01/05 de 2016 – Exposición Individual: Westside – Artista: Angela Bonadies

– Del 08/05 al 05/06 de 2016 – Exposición Individual: Belleza Crítica – Artista: Zeinab Rebeca Bulhossen

– Del 12/06 al 07/08 de 2016 – Exposición Individual: Un cocodrilo falso puede hacerte llorar lágrimas reales – Artista: Ana Navas

– Del 18/09 al 27/11 de 2016 – Exposición Individual: ArchivoAbierto – Artista: Carlos Zerpa

– Del 04/12 al 12/02 de 2017 – Exposicion Colectiva: Razón/Logos – Artistas: Valerie Brathwaite, Iván Candeo, Jaime Gili, Néstor García, Juan Pablo Garza, Alí González, Víctor Julio González, Christian Guardia, Jesús Hdez Güero, Patricia Koch, Rosario Lezama, Pedro Medina, Ernesto Montiel, Oscar Abraham Pabón Lucía Pizzani, Luis Romero, Fabian Salazar, Raily Yance.

– Del 19/02 al 09/04 de 2017 – Exposición Individual: SuperInfierno – Artista: Ivoly Noguera

– Del 19/02 al 09/04 de 2017 – Exposición Individual: Materia Oscura – Artista: Elias Toro

– Del 19/02 al 09/04 de 2017 – Exposición Individual: Aquí – Artista: Costanza De Rogatis

– Del 23/04 al 04/06 de 2017 – Exposición Individual: ArchivoAbierto – Artista: Pedro Terán

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