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Oficina #1

Founded in 2006 in Caracas, Venezuela
Directors: Luis Romero, Suwon Lee & Aixa Sánchez

Now galería ABRA

Oficina #1 is the first space for contemporary art run by artists in Venezuela. Founded in 2005 by Suwon Lee and Luis Romero and directed with Aixa Sánchez since 2011, Oficina #1 proposes the flexible promotion, meeting, development, exhibition and discussion of the diverse practices of contemporary art and current creation, with special emphasis in those of emerging nature, to encourage a dialogue between works-ideas-artists-public.

It emerges as an alternative in Venezuela in an art scene that has been forced to drastically change its old ways due to the political and economic context that has characterized the country in recent years. With a dynamic exhibition schedule, it has made more than forty exhibitions in its space as well as outside of Venezuela and other numerous events, actions, lectures, meetings, art projects and international art fairs.

One of its main purposes is to encourage the emerging arts scene in Venezuela, which has allowed many young artists to have their first solo shows in the gallery space. Parallel to this exhibition activity, Oficina #1 currently works with a select group of artists in order to encourage and promote their work in diverse scenarios. This is why collaborative practices and exchange of experiences are among its main objectives. Oficina #1 also has special interest in the development of the development of artist publications and edition prints that allow another form of circulation of the artwork and give creators and researchers an alternative to the conception and realization of their projects.

Oficina #1 is located in Centro de Arte Los Galpones, a meeting place in Caracas where different artistic expressions as well as literary, gastronomic and cinematographic experiences are developed in its diverse exhibitions spaces and art galleries.

Representated artists
Ara Koshiro – Déborah Castillo – Ernesto Montiel – Hayfer Brea – Iván Candeo – Juan Pablo Garza – Julián Higuerey – Luis Romero – Oscar Abraham Pabón – Rafael Serrano – Suwon Lee

11.12.11 / 12.02.12 – Picnolepsia – Iván Candeo
06.11 / 04.12/ 2011 – Crepuscular – Suwon Lee
02.10 / 30.10 / 2011 – Déborah Castillo
28.08 / 25.09 / 2011 – Crece – Andreína Franceschi / Ficciones Topográficas – Ernesto Montiel
03.07 / 07.08 / 2011 – Nuevas Consecuencias – Juan Pablo Garza
07.05 / 12.06 / 2011 – The Typical Venezuelan Picture – Ara Koshiro / El Teide: Mis Raíces Canarias – Hayfer Brea
03.04 / 01.05 / 2011 – De la Herencia a lo Heredado – Oscar Abraham Pabón
27.02 / 27.03 / 2011 – Situación de Posible Deslizamiento – Rafael Serrano
23.01 / 20.02 / 2011 – Parodia Sobre Escape – Armando Rosales
29.08 / 26.09 / 2010 – Pedazos de País – Exposición colectiva: Angela Bonadies, Hayfer Brea, Iván Candeo, Julián Higuerey, Ara Koshiro, Suwon Lee, Juan José Olavarría, Umberto Pepe, Bishenry Rivas, Luis Romero, Rafael Serrano, Christian Vinck

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