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Isla Flotante

Founded in 2010, in Buenos-Aires, Argentina

Isla Flotante is an artist run space. Since 2010 we are encouraging young emerging artists from Buenos Aires art scene to exhibit their work. We encourage and support artists with a very strong commitment to their own artistic careers.The main priority is to release artist with a strong emerging career, supporting their process, and introducing them to the contemporary art scene, locally, but also for the first time internationally.We believe that now a days being a contemporary young artist is more close to managing, negotiating with institutions, and dealing with logistic problems than ever.It seems vital to disclose this state of situation of the contemporary artistwhere his role is no longer single but multiple and movable. Deciding to be an artist run space, not as a last resort but as a vindication of being an artist today.

Leticia Obeid – Mariela Scafati – Santiago Villanueva – Veronica Madanes – Nicolas Martella – Valentin Demarco

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