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joségarcía, mx

Founded in 2015 by José García Torres

« To organize shows and have fun », was what led José García Torres to open his first gallery. It was Mexico DF in the Summer of 2005, and José was 24 years old. With the passing of time, Proyectos Monclova grew to become a fundamental space in the city’s artistic scene, while also achieving a solid international presence via the careful balance of both national and international artists and an uncompromising program of radical exhibitions. After 10 years running Monclova, José has now moved on to a whole new gallery project which bears his name, joségarcía ,mx.

This new gallery project is developped with the artists Edgardo Aragón, Nina Beier, François Bucher, José León Cerrillo, Simon Fujiwara, Mario García Torres, Christian Jankowski, Marie Lund, Tania Pérez Córdova, Eduardo Sarabia and Rometti Costales.

Last exhibition:
2015 – 13.10 – 28.11: By Boat (Farewell), curated by Adam Carr.

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