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KIOSKO Galería – Art Gallery

Founded in 2006 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Director: Raquel Schwartz

Kiosko gallery, is a place created and directed by independent artists as a platform to disseminate, promote and encourage contemporary art in the region.

Works since 2006, founded and runed by artists Rachel Schwartz and Roberto Unterladstaetter, in these five years has made more than 75 exhibitions and   benefited more than 40 artists through its residences program.

02.12.2010 / 02.01.2011 – Horas blancas, tierra nueva – Francisca Aninat, Kiosko Galería, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
04.06 / 29.06 / 2009  – Music to watch dead girls by – Claudia Joskowic, Kiosko Galería, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
06.04 / 02.05 / 2008  – El olor del clan – Alejandra Alarcón, Kiosko Galería, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
15.12.2009 / 15.01.2010 – Tregua – Douglas Rodrigo Rada, Kiosko Galería,  Santa Cruz, Bolivia)
16.03.2007 / 02.04.2007  –  Claudia del rio, Kiosko Galería,  Santa Cruz,  Bolivia

To see information about Kiosko Gallery’s residencies program, click here


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