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Founded in 2012 in Mexico City Mexico
Director : Sofía Mariscal

MARSO is an independent curatorial initiative and gallery dedicated to promote international contemporary art in Mexico and Mexican contemporary art in other countries.

We collaborate with museums, foundations and cultural institutions in Mexico and abroad.

Based on a rigorous curatorial selection, we work with established artists while promoting the careers of new talent both Mexican and foreign. We run a residency program, local artist’s workshops and a permanent public educational program.

Represented artists
Andrea Galvani, Arturo Hernández Alcázar, Daniela Libertad, Jacqueline Lozano, Jong Oh, Karyn Olivier, Linda Tegg, Luis Felipe Ortega, Mario de Vega, Michael Conrads, Norman Mooney, Tim Hyde, Tony Orrico, Virginia Colwell

2012 – Coexistence /  Linda Tegg
2013 – Un cuerpo de luz. Un punto de polvo /  Daniela Libertad
2013 – TERRARIUM / Andrea Galvani + Tim Hyde
2013 – (anotaciones para una inclusión del silencio) / Luis Felipe Ortega
2013 – Capricho enfático / Virgina Colwell
2013 / 2014 — Construcción / Deconstrucción – Jacqueline Lozano
2014 – On what there might not be / Acerca de lo que no puede ser
Exposición Colectiva (Jakob Mattner, Zilvinas Kempinas, Andy Warhol, Francis Alÿs, Luis Felipe Ortega, Adrien Missika, Virginia Colwell, Tony Orrico, Jong Oh, Daniela Libertad, Arturo Hernández Alcázar)
2014 – Eye around matter / Karyn Olivier + Michael Conrads
2014 – In Sight / Norman Mooney
2014 – Exposición individual / Jong Oh

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