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Periscopio Arte Contemporânea

Founded in 2015 en Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Directed by Rodrigo Mitre, Alexandre Romanini and Altivo Duarte

When the gallery needed a name, the Artist and professor of Fine Arts – UFMG Marcelo Drummond proposed “Periscope”. It caused estrangement to all, because the word was discarded, it was too long and at that moment was not connected to contemporary art. This masculine noun, ten letters and five syllables, was uncomfortable. But the memories of childhood and the installation of Guto Lacaz in Arte Cidade II made the name resonate differently. Therefore, from “optical apparatus, formed of lenses and prisms of total reflection, which allows to see over an obstacle” merged the concept of art as a discipline capable of “transforming our way of thinking”, citing Volz, Jochem.

The house underwent a great restoration so that the space could become one of the cultural apparatuses of the city. Our goal is to offer a welcoming and differentiated environment for artists, collectors, scholars and also the public who appreciate art and quality cultural events, catalyzing encounters and providing opportunities for those who have a contemporary interest in art. Merging environments for the arts, this cultural space of the capital of Minas Gerais is housed in a mansion from the 1920s, located at Avenida Álvares Cabral, 534, Lourdes, between Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro Streets, and designed by Oscar Negrao de Lima. The property is currently listed by the Municipal Historic and Artistic Heritage and the neighborhood is animated, the gallery is next to the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS).


Andrea Brown – Camila Lacerda – Éder Oliveira – Ernesto Neto (acervo) – Fábio Baroli – Fábio Tremonte – Guto Lacaz – Ivens Machado – José Lara – Letícia Grandinetti – Lucas Dupin – Lucas Simões – Mac Davi – Marcelo Drummond – Márcio Diegues – Marcone Moreira – Mauro Restiffe – Randolpho Lamonier – Rodrigo Cass (acervo)

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