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Founded in 2005 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Directed by Irana Douer

Ruby was born in late 2005 as a virtual exhibition space – within the new forms of visibility offered by technology and the Internet -. Ruby tries to exist outside these structures, reconfiguring the traditional idea of curriculum as a filter and aspiration for artists, eliminating the categories and hierarchies that seem to dictate the direction of contemporary art. After publishing more than 60 virtual editions and three self-managed publications, the gallery publishes his book « Ruby: Otherworldliness »,  together with Gestalten (German publisher of art and design), with works by more than 65 national and international artists. In 2013 Ruby opens its physical space in order to exhibit, promote and commercialize works and projects of contemporary artists. It focuses on artists that manage techniques and handcraft, that give importance to formal and technical sides of the work but also that add a sensitive quest: a kind of contemporary romantic artist.


Delfina Estrada / Julián Gatto / María Guerreri / Santiago Licata / Sebastián Mercado / Malena Pizani / Geraldine Schwindt

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