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Founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2011
Directed by Natalia Sly and Larisa Zmud

SlyZmud is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2011 by Natalia Sly and Larisa Zmud. The gallery’s aim is to exhibit and launch the work of Argentinean artists and to promote its repercussion and incorporation into the international market.

With the desire to expand the limits of Buenos Aires’ art scene, SlyZmud counts on annual projects that include at least six exhibitions in its space along with other kinds of activities that turn the gallery into a place where art thinking, production, experimentation and commercialization are welcome and encouraged; understanding art collecting as a fundamental piece of this expansion.

The objective is to enhance art’s field of action by stimulating the growth of the artists, collectors, critics and curator’s network.

SlyZmud is located in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo, which has recently become the city’s new art scene center; where many artists’ studios, exhibition spaces, contemporary art galleries and theatres are situated.


Alan Segal — Daniel Basso — Déborah Pruden — Diego Gravinese — Faivovich & Goldberg — Gabriel Baggio — Hernan Salamanco — Irina Kirchuk — Jimena Croceri — Juan Andrés Videla — Juan Stoppani — Lorena Ventimiglia — Mercedes Azpilicueta — Miguel Mittag — Pablo Ziccarello — Sebastián Grabrecht — Valeria Maiulan — Vicente Grondona

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