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Vertice Art Gallery

Founded in 2007 in Lima, Peru.
Director: Rosario Orjeda

Vertice is a space focused in exhibiting and promoting Peruvian and Latin American contemporary art. Created by Rosario Orjeda in January, 2007, the gallery’s curatorial proposal covers the most recent contemporary art tendencies viewed from a global perspective, without leaving out specific cultural subjects.

Vertice also promotes contemporary art collection in Peru by offering selected works of art by local artists and participating in public auctions for the Lima Art Museum (MALI) in its project MALI Contemporaneo, the most important contemporary art fair in Peru. The works by Peruvian artists presented by the gallery not only form part of the permanent collection of the Museum, but have also been part of specific curatorial exhibitions.

Vertice’s main objectives for the coming years is to promote art work by Peruvian artists in international markets, introduce and exhibit works by foreign well known artist, and continue to foster private collections to consolidate a local art market in Peru.

Represented artists
Patricia Bueno, Walter Carbonel, Hans Stoll, Harry Chávez, Ana Cecilia Farah, Sonia Cunliffe, Marcel Velaochaga, Eli Bedón, Natalia Iguiñiz, Alessandra Rebagliatti, Magaly Sánchez, Adriana Tomatis, Susana Torres, Verónica Wiesse, Carmen Reátegui, Nelly García, Cecilia Paredes, María Emilia Cunliffe, Toto Fernández, Mariana Riveros, Muss Hernández, Katherine Fiedler, Margarita Dittborn, Fabiana Barreda, Flavia Da Rin, Grimanesa Amorós, Joaquin Cociña, Pablo Ferrer, Denise Lira-Rattinoff, Manuela RibadeneiraPaula Salas, Raquel Schwartz.

Exhibitions (Selection)
13.06 / 06.07 / 2012 –  Paisajes Imaginarios II – Vivian Wolloh
03.05 / 31.05 / 2012 – Cuestiones de Familia – Muss Hernandez
12.04 / 27.04 / 2012 – Tiempo de Caza – Katherinne Fiedler
05.10 / 28.10 / 2011 – Hibridaciones – Ana Cecilia Farah
05.05 / 05.06 / 2010 – Set Action – Group Exhibition
22.09 / 15.10 / 2010 – Espíritu Maestro – Harry Chávez
22.06 / 27.07 / 2010 – Ciudad Contenida – Group Exhibition
04.03 / 28.03 / 2009 – En tránsito al Paraíso. Imaginarios de la migración – Group Exhibition


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