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Le temps est le tigre – Jesus Alberto Benitez

From February 15th to April 6th 2013
Saint Fons – Le Cap, France

The first time I saw Jesus Alberto Benítez’s work was on a studio visit during his production residency in 2010 (…)  He had laid out drawings and photographs on several tables, and you could look at them from all sides. (…) The drawing was outlined in the image, while abstract forms coming from the photographs made their appearance in the drawings. It had to be noted, however, that the two media differed in both content and treatment. On the one hand, the images included various cut-outs and folds, framed by unequal margins. On the other, the drawings were more instinctive and direct, a few irregular lines made with a perceptible stroke. But obtained using what rule, what procedure? (…)
Like a piece of music focusing essentially on noise, silence and atonality, Jesus Alberto Benítez’s oeuvre is focused on line, void and de-hierarchization of the gaze. (…)

Joana Neves (translated by Simon Pleasance)
Excerpts from the press release for the exhibition The Center is not a Point, Frank Elbaz gallery, Paris, 2012

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