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Laboratorio Interdisciplinario para las Artes – LIA / El faro del tiempo

Founded in Bogotá, Colombia

LIA (Interdisciplinary Laboratory for the Arts), seeks to satisfy the need of an independent exhibition space for local and international artists. With more than 1000 m2 the space is located in the the historic center of Bogota and it is surrounded by  five universities, continuous flow of students, and foreign tourists who visit the capital.

The activity of LIA is organized around the following axes:

1. Laboratory

It offers spaces and equipment services to artists and other cultural agents who formulate proposals for creations and / or exhibitions based on experimentation with other artists, other media, other disciplines or in the search for new audiences. LIA also seeks to promote artistic residences and partnerships for artistic and cultural projects.

2. Curatorial program

The curatorial program is leaded by a committee of experts that propose and evaluate initiatives to be done in the space. This committee can guarantee the confluence of different perspectives for the creation of the agenda of events.  The LIA collection is consolidated with the works donated by the artists who pass through the exhibitions or the residences.

3. Communication

One of the main objectives of the LIA is to serve as a medium of cultural diffusion, to promote national and international artistic talent, to support processes and the circulation of artistic productions in Colombia through its financing and the development of its cultural agenda.

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