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Lisa Blackmore > Caracas cultura visual

Founded in 2008 in Caracas, Venezuela.
Director: Lisa Blackmore

Caracas cultura visual is a website that i created in 2008 as a platform to publish research texts related to visual culture, urban space and contemporary art. It contains studies on El Techo de la Ballena and modernity in Venezuela, critical texts and analysis of visual culture in Venezuela. The site also has a Gallery which contains a selection of images of works by artists, exhibitions, and a modest archive of postcards of Caracas.

Caracas cultura visual also functions as a media outlet to promote exhibitions and cultural events and to publish news related to contemporary art, heritage and the city. It is a response to the lack of information available about cultural events Caracas on the Internet.

As an interactive site, Caracas cultura visual enables readers to leave comments and opinions and welcomes interesting and heated debates related to visual culture. Subscribers receive an frequent email bulletin with all the latest information published on the site.


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