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Founded in 2005 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Directed by Alicia Candiani

The ‘acePIRAR name is a wordplay between ‘ace (hacer -to make- in Spanish) and the program initials (in Spanish PIRAR) with the Argentine slang word “pirar”. Appropriating its double meaning (“to leave/to move suddenly” and “to get a little crazy”) ‘acePIRAR residences address the artists need to migrate in order to find new inspiration in a different place as well as to be immerse in a “crazy” brainstorm of ideas with other creators within an atmosphere of creative freedom.

´acePIRAR  Artist-in-Residence International Program aims to support all kind of contemporary artistic practices (including performance and curatorial proposals) through research and production residencies, promoting  exchange, debate, experimentation and collaborative work.

Located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, its VISION is to be a nurturing place for creativity, one-of-a-kind residency in South America that achieves successfully bringing together artists around the world, bridging the gap between old and new technologies and artistic genres.

We offer 4 week-residencies along the entire year.

Rafael Trelles (Puerto Rico) de agosto a septiembre 2007
John Hitchcock (EE.UU.) de febrero a mayo 2008
Mia Perlman (EE.UU.) de marzo a abril 2009
Emmanuel Santos (Filipinas) de julio a agosto 2012
Peregrine Hong (EE.UU.) de septiembre a octubre 2012
Cecilia Stelini (Brasil) octubre a noviembre 2012
Eirini Boutasi (Grecia) abril a mayo 2013
Eliana Renner (Suiza/Alemania) mayo 2015
Julie Rasmussen (Noruega) abril 2015
Jae Min Kim (Corea del Sur) de agosto a septiembre 2016

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