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Alto Residency

Founded in 2013 in Alto Paraiso de Goias, Brazil
Director : Rafael Perez Evans

A L T O is an Arts-Residency Space held in Brazil within the mountains of Alto Paraiso, 230km from  Brasilia.

A L T O exists as a container for self-directed artists who wish to nurture their work through embracing the particularities of Alto Paraiso, surrounded by abundant raw nature, jungle & fauna and a powerful changing landscape which can inform or set new work production within an evident context of our connection with the land and sustainability.

A L T O residents provide a space for critical observation of the project, conceptually and technically. We are currently working with the possibility of further development and inclusion of the work undertaken here to be shown within a wider sphere of gallery and project spaces in Brazil and internationally.

A L T O Residency is held at Mariri Jungle Lodge a creative home and permacultural project space. As an add-on to the residency there is also the possibility to cooperate with local sustainability by working in the orchards, organic veg patches, healthy nutrition and bio-construction providing further connection to the land and its residents.

Lee Adams. Performance artist London UK. December – January 2013- 2014.

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