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Casa Maauad

Founded in 2010
Creative director: Anuar Maauad

Casa Maauad, founded in 2010 by Mexican artist Anuar Maauad, is a non-profit, production-based, residency program in Mexico City.
With a focus on contemporary art, Casa Maauad is unique within Mexico City. Our goal is to support the production of contemporary art and foster the creation of solid relationships between international artists and the local art scene. In order to do so, we encourage our residents to establish fruitful exchanges as well as through the production and exhibition of their work.
Artists living in Mexico City have long collaborated with the house by participating with the Project Room.
We support local artists by giving them an exhibition space and access to curators, directors and artists from the Mexican art world and abroad.
Casa Maauad serves as a meeting point for artists, curators, institutions, museums and galleries. We aspire to maintain a diverse and innovative programing in order to continue to support contemporary art in Mexico City.
Casa Maauad is free and open to the public.

Casa Maauad supports the production of contemporary art and promotes the growth of a network of art professionals. In order to achieve this, Casa Maauad has hosted artists, critics, and curators from diverse backgrounds and disciplines from around the world.
The residency lasts for three months and offers participants a place to stay, an artist studio, production budget, and a solo exhibition.
The urban context has become increasingly relevant to the residency, as well as the relationships that have been built with the vibrant art community both locally and internationally.

Each resident is asked to donate one of their works produced while at Casa Maauad for our Collection. This collection serves as a memoir of the project and is often loaned for different exhibitions within Mexico, maintaining the presence of the artist within the local art scene.

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