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Casa Proal

Founded in 2015
San Rafael, Veracruz, Mexico

Located in San Rafael, in the State of Veracruz in Mexico, the Foundation Casa Proal carries out its activities since July 2015, surrounded with luxuriant vegetation, constructed in the middle of a 19th century house for French colonists and recently renewed.

The promoter of the project and President of the Foundation Casa Proal, Carlos COUTURIER, is one of the descendants of these French colonists whose farming business went from banana or citrus production to ranching. They managed to adapt to a new environment while still respecting it, living in perfect cultural syncretism with the local population.

The Casa Proal intentions:

– Contribute to the cultural development of San’s Rafael Veracruz region, of rich cultural and natural but relatively poor in terms of cultural offer.

– Sensitize the local population, thanks to contemporary art, to the local challenges of the “ecúmeno »: the importance of a reciprocal local impregnation.

– Help artists coming from French speaking countries, by allowing them to thrive in art and nature,and eventually help them integrate the art market thanks to an international experience and an art grant in the residency.

– Establish a new and original program of artistic education: ” The Classes of Art and Nature ” with the schools.

– Create a unique space, a laboratory for creation and research, a reference in the Latin American continent showcasing artistic practices uniting art and nature, and also inviting renowned Mexican and American artists.

In its laughing phase, from July 2015 to July 2016, the Foundation Casa Proal will develop the following projects:

– Artists’ Residency program

– Artistic education program: «  Art and Nature »

– Artist invitation : « Creating on-the-spot »

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