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Inaugurated in 2013
Directed by Lucila Mantovani
Location: Manaus, Amazonia, Brazil

LAB VERDE Art Immersion Program in the Amazon – is an unforgettable and deep experience in the Amazon rainforest for artists from all over the world.

Designed by a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified international professionals, LABVERDE aims to help cultural makers understand and reflect on one of the main natural areas of the planet. The program was developed in association with Manifesta Art and Culture and The National Institute of Amazonian Research.

The journey starts with a boat trip and it gets deeper in an ecological reserve in the heart of the Amazon region, allowing a selected group of artists to explore different scales and perspectives of the rainforest along with the mediation of specialists in art, humanities, biology, ecology and natural science.

Life experience and theory will be integrated into 10 days of intensive activities. A schedule of expeditions, lectures, workshops, presentations and seminars will enhance creativity, having nature as a common ground.

Among other themes, the participants will find out about landscape representation, nature art appropriation, innovative solutions for a sustainable economy, climate change and environmental impacts, forest sonority, local community extractivism culture, wild edible plants, entomology, natural history of organisms, fragmented areas in the Amazon and dendrochronology in the Amazon.

The network exchanges and the knowledge sets throughout the program will be an opportunity to develop innovative cultural content. After the program, participants will be able to improve their own creative discourses, identify natural environmental problems and solutions, and reflect on the role of art in influencing ecological behavior.

Represented Artists: Leopoldo Estol, Hernán Soriano, Luis Terán, Mariano dal Verme, Bárbara Kaplán, Ulises Carrión, Graciela Gutierrez Marx, Luis Pazos, Margarita Paksa, José Vera Matos, Rossel Meseguer

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