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Grey Cube Projects

Founded in 2017 in Bogotá, Colombia
Directed by John Angel Rodriguez

Grey Cube Projects (formerly PERMANENTE) is an autonomous space that offers a platform to promote various training alignments, with the participation of international artists. We seek to disseminate artistic practices that we consider are still in the process of germination within the local context; hence encouraging the creation of cross-disciplinary projects and invite creators trained in different areas of knowledge, to enrich our community.

GREY CUBE PROJECTS Residencies are divided into three types:

  • Direct Invitation: GCP invites artists, curators, and cultural agents to conduct field research. In exchange the resident performs social activities where he/she presents the results of their investigation in a varied range of formats such as laboratories, workshops or exhibitions. Such actions are directed towards GCP’s community.
    -This modality is allocated within our curated activities.
    -GCP and its cultural ally fund this residency.
    -Permanente offers accommodation and workshop space.
    -The artist finds a partner institution that covers artist fees, materials, and airfare.
    -GCP provides guidance and official letter of invitation.
    -GCP assists the artist throughout the process of getting funding.
  • Open Call: An international open-call is launched among specialized networks, attempting to track emerging creators.
    This modality can be additionally sponsored by a gallery, museum or cultural institution; in order to cover the artist expenses during his residency at GCP.
    -GCP Offers accommodation and art studio free of charge.
    -The Artist covers his air tickets by applying to mobility grants.
    -GCP provides letters of invitation.
    -The sponsor makes a contribution to the artistic and curatorial program.
    -GCP in return links the artist practice with the specialized cultural network of Bogotá.
  • Resident in Studio: (self-funded residency) this modality allows the resident to finance his research or creation project with complete freedom. GCP examines the artist portfolio in collaboration with other established artists and curators; the resident finances 100% of his residency project.
    -The Resident receives accommodation and art studio.
    -Curatorial assistance during his residency is given.
    -Permanente organizes socialization activities with universities and art spaces, depending on the profile of each artist.
    -Contribution fee applies.
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