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Plataforma Caníbal

Founded in 2010 in Barranquilla
Directed by Susana Bacca

The Plataforma Caníbal proposes exploratory journeys through the Colombian Caribbean territory. The residence is open during all the year to ant artists, researchers, curators and cultural managers who wants to apply. Plataforma Caníbal assumes an anthropophagi spirit, generating investigative and creative exchanges that connect the practices and the work contexts with the agents of the contemporary artistic field. Plataforma Caníbal is interested in everything that mutates, merges, transforms, syncretizes and takes hybrid forms.

Plataforma Caníbal and Vokaribe Radio propose a polyphonic space to reflect on the experiences of contemporary art in the Colombian Caribbean: RADIO CANÍBAL

The Plataforma Caníbal residency program is developed by the DIVULGAR Foundation: a non-profit organization born in the city of Barranquilla in early 2010 dedicated to the support of the visual arts in the Colombian Caribbean, through the circulation and diffusion of contemporary art, an immersed work with the communities and research on the local artistic field. In an autonomous way, in partnership with the public and private sectors, the foundation launches cultural projects focused on the visibility of artists and their work contexts.

The activities of the DIVULGAR Foundation are based on a cooperative work, creating spaces for exchanges through artistic residencies, creative and community workshops, academic meetings, temporary exhibitions, radio broadcasts and publications that strengthen the local artistic/cultural scene and connected it with other national and international scenarios.


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