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Residência Artística Cambridge

Founded in 2016 in São Paulo, Brazil
Directed by Juliana Caffé and Yudi Rafael

The Residência Artística Cambridge is a project aimed to the development of artistic and cultural proposals in the Occupation Hotel Cambridge, located in the city central of São Paulo, between March 2016 and January 2017.

This is a residential program with an emphasis on collaborative practices, developed in dialogue with the local community and partners, whose research relates to issues related to everyday occupation, its history and its application modes and manufacturing operations in the dynamics of City.

The project arises from the partnership between the curators Juliana Caffé and Yudi Rafael, aimed at linking research and activities in the context of occupation. To do so, they invited the artists Icaro Lira, Jaime Lauriano and Raphael Escobar, Virginia Medeiros, the writer Julian Fuks, and the anthropologist Alex Flynn to join the project.

During the working period of each resident, the program provides for a series of public activities in the common areas of the building, and an editorial project, developed together with the curators and invited speakers to be released and distributed for free on site.

– from March to May 2016 – Ícaro Lira – residential program for artists – Occupation Hotel Cambridge
– from June to August 2016 – Jaime Lauriano and Raphael Escobar – residential program for artists – Occupation Hotel Cambridge
– from September to October 2016 – Julián Fuks – residential program for writer – Occupation Hotel Cambridge
– from November to January 2017 – Virgínia de Medeiros – residential program for artists – Occupation Hotel Cambridge
– from March to January 2017 – Alex Flynn – residential program for research – Occupation Hotel Cambridge

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