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Nicolás Lamas

Born in 1980 in Lima, Peru
Lives and works in Belgium

Nicolás Lamas work derives from the interest and mistrust in constructed perceptions, which are considered to belong to a “natural order” and constantly build our notion of truth through a systematized knowledge. Most of his questioning focuses on examining the models associated with scientific research and the constant pursuit of order, measure, and control of the laws that govern the perceptible world. Through different guidelines, the artist analyze the relationship established between knowledge and power, and how that bond ideologically determines the way we perceive, interpret, and interact with our environment. Lamas are interested in the search for the gaps and cracks generated in specific relations between representation systems and the notion of an objective and indisputable reality. In order to exemplify the perceived inconsistencies, he carefully manipulate images, texts, sounds and other elements that are associated with capturing,  interpreting and transmitting information. Through this, attempt to somehow put into evidence relativity, malleability, and the level of indetermination in all of which we attempt to comprehend by trying to search for an objective and definite truth.
Solo shows

2013 – Reference points, Meessen De Clercq. Brussels, BE
2012 – La inconsistencia de lo visible, Galería Lucía de la Puente. Lima, Peru
2012 – Espacio de contingencia NNM, Live broadcast residence-Act #5. Lima, Peru
2011 –Backlight: la naturaleza como espectáculo – L’imaginaire Gallery – Alianza Francesa. Lima, Peru.
2011 – Desencuadre y superficieLucía de la Puente Gallery. Lima, Peru.
2009 – Denaturaciones: Cultura y fracturaLucía de la Puente Gallery. Lima, Peru.
2006 – Desborde y contención – 80m2 Gallery. Lima, Peru.

Group shows (selection)
2014 – Saint Jerome, Messeen De Clercq. Brussels, BE
2014 – Art Brussels, Brussels, BE
2014 – La historia la escriben los vencedores , OTR. Madrid, ES
2014 – The part in the story where a part becomes a part of something else, Witte de With. The Hague, NL
2013 – Proyector13, International Videoart Festival. Madrid, ES
2013 – La extensión del soporte, Centro Cultural Telefónica. Lima, PE
2013 – Bahuaja Sonene, Centro de la Imagen. Lima, PE
2013 – Sound In, Matadero. Madrid, ES
2013 – Parc, International Contemporary Art Fair, Lima, Peru
2013 – Belfast Photo Festival 2013. Belfast, UK
2013 – HISK – Open Studios, Ghent, Belgium
2012 – XIII Convocatoria Internacional, Galería Luis Adelantado. Valencia, Spain
2012 – Animalier: The animal in contemporary art, Graceful art gallery and studios. Oklahoma, US
2012 – Pedagogías, Spaincuela Corriente Alterna. Lima, Peru
2012 – Dejar actuar al tiempo, Centro Fundación Telefónica. Lima, Peru
2012 – Miscelánea (todo queda en casa), Casa Manuci, Bienal de la     Fotografía. Lima, Peru
2012 – Otra carne. Corporeidad, mutación y deterioro, IPCNA San Miguel. Lima, Peru
2012 – Poetas en tiempo de escasez, IPCNA  Centro. Lima, Peru
2012 – Terra incognita: Cartografías de lugares inextistentes, CC España. Lima, Peru
2012 – Yo no me río de la muerte – Javier Heraud 1942-1963, Sala Miró Quesada Garland. Lima, Peru
2011 – Lima Photo 2011 – Centro de la imagen. Lima, Peru.
2011 – NordArt 2011 – Budelsdorf,  Alemania.
2010 – Pasaporte para un Artista 2010 – Centro Cultural PUCP. Lima, Peru.
2010 – Mash up – Cultural Center of Spain. Lima, Peru.
2010 – ArtBo 2010 – Bogota, Colombia.

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