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ARCO Colombia

Colombia is the guest of honor at the 34th International Contemporary Art Fair, ARCO 2015. The Embassy of Colombia in Spain, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture of Colombia have decided to take this invitation to publicize what is going with contemporary art in Colombia.

“The invitation of Colombia as the guest of honor of ARCOmadrid2015 is shown in a time of great international visibility for the Colombian contemporary art,” said the Ambassador of Colombia in Spain, Fernando Carrillo Flórez. “I invite you to visit especially the more than 20 exhibitions spanning the last five generations of Colombian artists. There are two means of presence of Colombian art in Madrid with the active participation of artists, curators, critics, galleries, museums, independent spaces, arts and publishing institutions in the arts months” he added.
For Carolina Ponce de León, the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, the presence of the guest of ARCO 2015, “represents the most significant share of the Colombian art abroad throughout its history for several reasons: the scale of the event, diversity of artistic proposals, generational mix of artists, and their simultaneous display at prestigious cultural and artistic institutions of Madrid is an unprecedented opportunity to experience the complexity, richness and vitality of the current Colombian art”.

For Jaime Cerón Silva, Colombian curator, “is undeniable the presence of Colombian artists in exhibitions, residencies or postings on the most diverse places in the world, which is no longer subject to cultural stereotypes, but the genuine interest in their work situations involving”

Galleries: Casas RiegnerDoce Cero Cero –  El MuseoGalería de la OficinaInstituto de VisiónJenny VilàLA GaleríaNueveochenta – Sextante – Valenzuela Klenner Galería 

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