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Galería Jenny Vilà

Founded in Cali, Colombia 1987
Directed by Jenny Vilà

Since its founding, the gallery exhibits, promotes and spreads the Colombian contemporary art. The exhibitions and artists shown during these years are a good sample of the Colombian art over the past three decades. The gallery also provides consultancy for the acquisition of works of art. The headquarters of the gallery is a three-storey house next to the Cali River. The gallery produces four annual solo exhibitions with artists as part of its catalog, alternating with four other exhibitions of projects by emerging colombian artists.


Proyecto PISO 1, An open a call for Colombian artists and university graduates of Visual Arts. Jenny Vilà Gallery invites young artists under 35 years old to show their work. From 2017, the first floor of the gallery will turn into a place for exhibitions with an emphasis on drawing, painting, sculpture and photography.

Carlos Andrade – Luis Hernando Giraldo – Verónica Lehner – Bernardo Montoya – Mónica Restrepo – Adrián Gaitán – Lorena Espitia – Catalina Jaramillo Quijano – Angélica María Zorrillo – Jorge Acero Liaschevsky – Giovanni Vargas – Víctor Laignelet – María Isabel Rueda – Luz Ángela Lizarazo – Juan Mejía – Danilo Dueñas – Ricardo León – Julián León – Fernando Uhía – Gustavo Niño – Wilson Díaz – Lucas Ospina – Elías Heim – María Isabel Rueda & Marcos Castro – Nicolás Consuegra

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