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Luciana Brito Galeria

Founded in 1997
Directed by Julia Brito and Yuri Oliveira

Established in 1997, Luciana Brito Galeria has performed a pivotal role in the consolidation of the local art market, and has been one of the pioneering Brazilian galleries at leading art fairs.

While we do not hold any set curatorial biases, the gallery has internationally renowned standards for casting artists, and plays an important two-way role: both to disseminate the Brazilian art worldwide and to promote locally the work of globally relevant artists. As the Brazilian representative of Alex Katz, Allan McCollum, Anthony McCall, Leandro Erlich, Liliana Porter and Marina Abramovic, the gallery was responsible for the first solo show of those artists here.

We also try to balance the presence of emerging artists (such as Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich, Paula Garcia, Rafael Carneiro, Raphael Zarka, Tiago Tebet)
those who are acknowledged by art history, such as the artists mentioned above, as well as Geraldo de Barros and Waldemar Cordeiro – the two major names of Brazilian constructivism, who attained national and international recognition thanks to our efforts over several years.

Alex Katz – Allan McCollum – Anthony McCall – Caio Reisewitz – Eder Santos – Fabiana de Barros & Michel Favre – Fernando Zarif – Gaspar Gasparian – Geraldo de Barros – – Héctor Zamora – João Luiz Musa – Leandro Erlich – Liliana Porter – Marina Abramovic – Pablo Lobato – Paula Garcia – Rafael Carneiro – Raphaël Zarka – Regina Silveira – Rochelle Costi – Thomaz Farkas – Tiago Tebet – Tobias Putrih – Waldemar Cordeiro

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